The Story of FWS™

An Agile Epic, Theme & Userstory

Doing business in the 21st century

Next to come is the Internet of Things (IoT) which leads to Big Data to be handled increasingly through Machine Learning instead of people. Big Data means Big responsibility and the need for a New Deal on ownership of data not to lose customers. New ways of doing business between companies and enterprises will emerge.

To deliver the best service, trust and cooperation is needed. B-to-B partners need to share challenges, data and information to think along and work out the best solutions based on mutual expertise, specialized knowledge and the exact situation. Our goal is to create and add customer value to any of our business partners and make a fair long-lasting deal on what you pay us in return.

We’re not in it for Big Money.

About FWS™

I am ... a male private individual living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Born and raised a Frisian (bilingual) amidst the well-known dairy cattle. Self-proclaimed internet expert and (.NET) web-builder/programmer (C#) based on 20 years of hands-on experience, ICT related jobs and self-study (through the web!).

As a professional I have been active in the field of process- and information management, change management and project management through different positions in several departments of the country s largest health insurance company. The result of several mergers I witnessed myself.

It's my ambtion to be a successful web entrepreneur and professional. Lead a healthy, balanced and meaningful life. Achieve a certain level of wisdom and contribute to society.